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The property is located in the area bordering the Vall de Bitlles and the Anoia Basin, specifically where the Anoia River passes.


We are surrounded by 10 ha of impressive vineyards and olive groves that give incalculable value to this unique place, where an old royal road also passed.


It is formed by the torrents that have formed as a result of the fit of these two watercourses.




Our vineyards and olive groves cultivated under the criteria of organic farming form fluventic soils.


Sediments brought by rivers, young, deep soils with varied granulometry, medium textures and the presence of sandy material.


They are soils that have pebbles, calcareous and clayey soils.




With its own Mediterranean atmosphere, it presents a mixture of wooded areas where the white pine is the main protagonist.


Important nesting area of ​​the bald eagle, where precisely are usually seen flying over the farm.

We also enjoy other species such as rabbit, fox, wild boar, ocellated lizard, squirrel, roe deer, among many of the species of native insects in our area.

Forming a unique biodiversity together with the different wild plants and the magnificent landscape that appears to us in each season of the year.




We also enjoy a very close cultural heritage, where we find the hermitage of Sant Niculau del Freixe or del Tretzè.


It was built in 1084 together with the castle of Freixe.


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